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More than a few of my readers have gently teased me over the somewhat heavy philosophical nature of some of my posts. Though the teasing is meant in jest, I have taken it to heart because I don’t like anyone feeling unwelcome on my blog. I’m especially grieved when I suspect that one of my visitors feels stupid or ignorant because of what’s read here. I believe the real barrier is vocabulary and has nothing to do with intelligence. Learning the vocabulary connected with a specific philosophical problem is a challenge for almost all of us. When reading the books I most love, I usually have to read passages over and over, several times, before I’m confidant that I’m beginning to understand.

In order to make this blog a little friendlier while at the same time providing a space for my readers who enjoy philosophy as much as I do, I’ve decided to create a new blog, Craig Vick’s Virtual Book Club. I will scratch my philosophical itches on the new blog. Using a book club format, we’ll be able to walk through books at a leisurely pace picking up the needed vocabulary as we go. Posts on this blog will, hopefully, be more accessible and of more general interest. Let me know what you think.


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